10 Jun

Counterfeiting is probably one of the most common problems that any country is facing. This is not just about counterfeiting money but also food and even medicine drugs and vaccines. This is the worst part of because we all know how important vaccines are especially during the pandemic but because of how counterfeiters securely disguise fake vaccines, we are the ones who are suffering from health threats.
Counterfeiting comes in different forms. Thus, the fight for it is really a struggle even in today’s generation. 

The more advance the technology is, the more advance is counterfeiting, too. Imagine going to a store buying you thought is a legit item but turned out it is just an exact replica of the original one but is just fake.
How do you detect fake products? With the rise of technology, you can no longer detect the real one from an imitated one. How many currencies has now been counterfeited, right? Imagine wearing a branded shirt but is actually fake but you paid the exact amount same with the original one.

Indeed, fighting counterfeiting is a big problem. But with the help of technology, there is still a way for companies to ensure that they are able to distribute their items and sell it to the market. There are actually companies that specializes in anticounterfeit technology. This means that they are able to ensure that the once the product is packaged, there is an added security feature to ensure that counterfeiting will be difficult to do. The best method that these companies actually do is to add microstructure security codes through etching. 

Regardless if it plastic, glass, thin films, metals and other type of surface, these companies can really do the extra mile to ensure that the product will stay away from counterfeiting. The codes they use is a combination that ranges from logos, alphanumeric text or images. But how do these codes become secured and avoid counterfeiting? With the advance anticounterfeit technology, you can make the codes appear in an abrupt manner and disappear immediately through vapor that is applied by mist.

By means of these unique security codes, companies are confident that the products they produce will be on the hands of their consumers and not the ones that are being counterfeited. Of course, apart from these security codes, you also need to be wise as a consumer. One way is to buy from licensed and accredited suppliers and sellers of the items you want to purchase. For instance, if you need medicine, make sure that you buy it from registered pharmacies. This is to ensure that the products you buy are all authenticated. 

These suppliers and sellers are very careful when it comes to the product they sell. They also don’t want to be tagged as promoting counterfeiting that is why they also do careful assessment on their major suppliers and of course, do necessary protocols to ensure that no counterfeited items will be sold from them. It is a matter of being a responsible consumer and being a businessman that invests in security improvements such as anticounterfeiting technology.

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